4 Keys To Achieve Any Outcome

Achieve Any Outcome You Want

Here is a great Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) formula you can apply for success to both long-term and short-term goals. It’s a relatively simple process and can be applied to anything you want to achieve in your life. So, whether you want to hold a productive meeting, make your sales target, or are planning the holiday of a lifetime, here’s the quick way to hit your target and achieve any outcome you want.

1. Know your outcome.

Specifying precisely and exactly what you want is vital to achieving the outcome you desire.

You could begin by asking yourself this simple question, “What do I want?” and then clarify the answer by stating it in the positive. You might also want to ask yourself, “How will you know when you have it?” and “What will it do to improve other aspects of your life”. The idea is to be as specific and as in tune as possible when stating your outcome.

2. Take action.

Having clear defined outcomes is the first step in achieving the things you want in life. But, unless you take that first step and continue with the following ones, nothing happens to help you towards your outcomes. Here you could write down five actions that would help you in achieving your desired outcome. It may be making ten cold calls a day or getting up an hour earlier to exercise; it could be writing one paragraph a day for your new book. Continued action at this point of the game is vital. Otherwise, your visions and dreams will remain just that.

3. Have sensory awareness.

There is no failure, only feedback. If you did something that didn’t work, don’t beat yourself up and criticize yourself. Instead, use the feedback from the event to re-evaluate and adjust your forward momentum. If you have the awareness to see, hear, and feel what isn’t working, you can modify your behaviour to steer you towards your desired outcome. Remember, if what you are doing isn’t working, then do something different.

4. Have behavioural flexibility.

It’s a known fact that the more successful you are, the more behavioural flexibility you will demonstrate. You see, if you do not see the results you want, behavioural flexibility will allow you to be able to change your actions. If you are not sure about something that you are doing in your life at the moment, ask yourself: “Is what I am doing now helping me get the result I want?” Be on the constant lookout for deviations and obstacles on your journey; this way, you won’t be blindsided by unforeseen events or tough decisions that need to be made.

Remember no one can prevent you from achieving whatever you want to achieve. It depends on how strong and deeply etched your hunger is to achieve and be what you want to be.

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