Knowing Self

Knowing self

The Importance of Knowing Self Having an understanding of one’s self is vitally important in life. The key to happiness, peace and security is to know what makes you tick. You need to have an intimate relationship with yourself, I

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How to Increase Your Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word (entheos) and means God within.  It is referring to a divine spark or fire that burns within the chest of those with a passion for a cause, job, or life in general. They say

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Fulfilled Living – Your Choice

Fulfilled living

Fulfilled Living Your Creation Fulfilled living is deeply rooted in our inner world. Are you happy where you are now, at this very moment? Do you dream of a higher life, a life with meaning and fulfillment? To perpetuate a

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Affirmations to Live By

Affirmations to live by

Positive Affirmations to live by Affirmations are statements or commands spoken either negatively or positively, the most popular use of ‘spoken affirmations’ are positive. They are spoken willfully and deliberately in order to help in the changing of some aspect

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Discover Your Purpose

Discover your purpose

Discover your Purpose in Three Easy Steps In this short article we will explore the concept of life and its underlying values. It’s a step by step procedure in exploring your feelings and your options, to help you discover your

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Do you Take things Personally

Do you take things personally

Are you the Sensitive kind? While speaking to one of my clients recently, I noticed that he wasn’t his normal happy go lucky self. I’m normally very inspired by his outgoing and bubbly personality, so, being the curious type, I

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