Replace your fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs, with
empowering subconscious thought patterns.

Mark Csabai, high-performance NLP Life coach, Bloemfontein

Do you feel stick? Do you worry about the future?
Is your mind full of negative thoughts? Do you need clarity of purpose?

NLP Life Coaching can help you!

What I do

Through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I will help you access your hidden potential to quickly and effectively rewire faulty mindset patterns and behaviours for a more meaningful and purposeful life!

Accomplish more with less effort. Building up your mental strength puts you on the path toward enhancing your relationships and finding greater fulfilment.
NLP Mindset coaching Bloemfontein.

I Coach.

With the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I will help facilitate the merging of conscious ideas and thought with the unconscious paradigms that run your life.

I Speak.

Need an inspirational speaker for your training event or staff meeting. My speaking themes are normally centred around the “untapped potential of the human mind”.

I Inspire.

I motivate and enthuse others through honest and authentic dialogue. I instil within each individual the vision and the courage to push beyond their own limiting beliefs.

Have you ever decided to set a goal; maybe lose weight, stop smoking, start your own business or make your sales target for the month?

But then you realise, like many other goals in the past, you have just drifted away from it, or maybe just given up in trying to achieve it?

The challenge is that unless there is an agreement between what you want consciously and your inner core beliefs, you will have a tough time accomplishing your dreams and goals.

Your life is controlled by 95% below your conscious awareness. Unconscious control means that your underlying belief system overrides your will to succeed consciously, creating resistance that ultimately ends with fatigue and discouragement.

When your mind and core beliefs agree with each other, you achieve a state of flow. This agreement lessens the “inner resistance’ experienced when trying to accomplish a specific task, goal or outcome. Once you understand the Mind-Body connection and how they interact with your environment and circumstances, you can take control of your life.


How can I help you?

My name is Mark Csabai. I was born in England and raised in South Africa.

I am a successful entrepreneur, an empowerment coach and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

I offer coaching and assistance using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help you create the changes you want in life. Through NLP, you will be able to overcome the obstacles and limitations preventing you from fulfilling your true potential.

My goal is to help you on your journey and equip you with the skills and techniques that will help keep you focused and mentally calm, even when things around you are not.

Using a unique mindset coupled with physiological skills, I will stimulate a ‘spirit’ of “I Can Do It”.

Remember, it’s more than coaching, it’s self-investment!

#1 The Use of NLP

Human interactions and mental growth

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, helps you make sense of how you think and feel. It also examines the language we use to represent our experiences in the world. NLP examines human interactions and human achievement. Understanding how others achieve success helps you ‘model’ excellence to achieve your desired outcome.

#3 Manage your Emotions

Increase your Emotional Quotient (EQ) for more stability

All the resources you need to begin your fantastic journey of change are within you. Learn to quickly and effectively apply techniques that will empower you to choose a preferred emotional or mental state, and keep it for as long as you want, whenever you want. As a result, you will be able to maintain concentration, confidence and inspiration for your life’s purpose.

#2 Release your Potential

Learn how to release your innate potential

Overcome Self-Sabotaging thoughts that prevent you from achieving your dreams. This kind of thinking or self-talk is usually the opposite of what you want to achieve consciously in your life. Learn how to improve your inner self-talk and eliminate the resistance to your desired goals and outcomes, increasing your motivation to succeed.

#4 See life Differently

Reframing” situations can change any outcome in life.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?” or, “Things never work out for me.” Well, this is usually a reflection of how you perceive life’s situations around you. When you see life differently through another set of eyes, you experience life differently. Having a different perspective on things will strengthen your self-belief and increase your motivation.

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