Developing Your Mind

The Importance of Developing Your Mind-

Stop for a moment and ask yourself this simple question: what is the one most important thing in your life? Is it wealth? Is it a stable job? Is it having a loving wife or husband and family? Maybe it’s having a perfect body or great health? While all of these things are important, they are of no use without a strong, healthy mind.

Developing your mind is the key to clarity, focus and good health. Your mind is the author and conductor of every aspect of your life. All wealth, health and success begin in your mind. If your mind is fit, focused and strong, you will be happy and healthy. Your emotions will be under control. Your relationships will be great, and you’ll be successful. A healthy balanced mind is the foundation of your life.

 No longer a Slave

Building a strong, healthy mind starts by understanding that you are not a slave to your thoughts, that you have the power to take charge of your thought-life. You can control what you think about and what not to think about. This simple understanding is the key to living successfully.

Where your thoughts actually come from, we are not entirely sure. Thoughts are like fireflies in the night; they appear in your awareness. You do not necessarily choose the thoughts that appear to you, and if you deliberately ignore them, they cease to exist. But, on the other hand, if you let them be nothing, then they are nothing. Your thoughts have no life, power, and substance unless you pay attention to them through deliberate focus and wonder.

The idea that your thoughts are not real until you pay attention to them is quite liberating. It means that most of what you live inside your head is a fantasy and has no power over you. This is especially true when your mind is full of thoughts of a negative and dis-empowering nature. However, you have the free will and the power to choose what thoughts to give attention to.

The Source of Energy

Many ancient religions knew about the power of the mind. It is our source of energy for activating the law of attraction in our lives. The mind, although very powerful, can be further developed at no cost. As your mind increases in strength, clarity and balance, you will begin to experience the growth of harmony within. Anxiety will become a thing of the past.

Here are some great exercises to get you started.

  • Maintain your body: Exercise, good sleep and a healthy diet.
  • Learn to think for yourself: Become curious, question things, explore and learn.
  • Learn new things: study something that is completely out of your norm.
  • Read books: Read books that challenge you to look with a different perspective.
  • Meditate: Meditation helps to defragment your thoughts to create alignment within.
  • Accept your emotions: Owning them will help you become aware of their source.
  • Play Mind Games: Solving puzzles, playing chess will help you think holistically.
  • Endure without complaint: This will help improve empathy and kindness.

When you realize that you have the power to change your world’s internal representation, your life will begin to push forward and upward in achievements and success you never imagined were possible.

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