NLP Coaching – What is it?

NLP Coaching – How can it help you?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching examines strategies (techniques, methods), whereas life coaching is a method (strategy) used to support clients in getting what they want.

It can be challenging for coaches to ignore the usage and application of NLP today. This form of coaching has become so vast and popular that it is used in almost every area of self-development. Unfortunately, like many other self-help modalities, NLP has received its fair share of ridicule and image damage.

There is a common misconception that it is associated with slick salespeople trying to sell you products you don’t need. There are times when NLP is discredited as a technique that is used for manipulation. But what exactly is NLP Coaching? How did it become so popular, and why do some people doubt it? So let’s begin to uncover the answers to these questions

What does NLP mean exactly?

The question “what is NLP?” has been asked many times. Therefore, I hope this brief explanation of NLP will help.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been developing since the 1970s and is constantly evolving and growing through new research. Therefore, NLP is a powerful source of information on how the human mind works.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is broken down as follows:

NNEURO: – this is your thinking process; it is how you use your senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling to process the information around you. This is your nervous system, where all your thoughts, feelings, and the state of your body reside.

LLINGUISTIC: – this is the words you use; it is how you use language to communicate and how it influences you and those around you. Generally, there are three main categories we fall into.

  • AK. VISUAL: These people usually use “seeing” words, e.g. observe, watch, viewpoint, hazy, clear, imagine, visualize. (The use of these words gains notice)
  • AUDITORY: Like “hearing” words, e.g. heed, listen, enlighten, call, discuss, question. (Words that obtain other people’s notice)
  • KINAESTHETIC: These people use “feeling” words, e.g. experience, touch, pat, warm, cols, fear, comfortable. (Words that seize attention)

PPROGRAMMING: This is how you organize and code the information, ideas, and actions. This is your behaviour patterns and emotions that bring about the desired result.

NLP Coaching and our perceptions

The fundamental idea of NLP is that our words often reflect our inner, subconscious perception of our world, problems, and ourselves. Therefore, if any of these words and perceptions are inaccurate, and we continue to think of them and use them, the underlying issues will remain.

As a result, our attitudes become self-fulfilling prophecies, and we seem only to attract things that would agree with what we perceive or believe.

Adapt to the ebb and flow of life

At the core of NLP is a wide range of techniques and models that explain how people think, behave, and change. The NLP approach is flexible and accommodating and can yield positive change within an individual in a short amount of time. Coaching empowers people to adapt to the constant ebb and flow of change within themselves.

NLP Coaching is a powerful tool that will enable individuals to understand why they do what they do and how their feelings and behaviours can make sense based on their everyday lives and the world around them.

Fast-lasting changes with NLP

NLP coaching contains powerful techniques that can assist individuals in making quick and lasting changes to their behaviour. Moreover, it is used worldwide in businesstherapy, personal growth seminars, and coaching groups.

It is a potent tool that helps therapists change the impact of the past on a client, increases the teacher’s capacity to teachimproves the student’s math skillsincreases a businessman’s non-verbal rapport, assists them in running more efficient meetings, enhances an athlete’s concentration and much more.

You can develop an understanding of language skills to assist you in achieving your goals and fulfilling your true potential.

Why consider NLP coaching?

To answer the question, why consider NLP coaching? We must first understand that NLP techniques can give rapid results in a short space of time. 

NLP coaching is for individuals who need to experience a change in their lives and appreciate more success and achievement.

You may have some goals or objectives that you have dreamed of achieving, and this would be the ideal opportunity to begin making them a reality; there may be a specific issue that is influencing your life, and you need to make a change, or you may not be sure as to what the next step is in your personal life.

How does NLP coaching work?

NLP Coaching employs self-awareness and effective communication to assist in the change of emotional and mental behaviour.

With NLP, we look at your pattern of thinking and the language and strategies you use to run your life. This will help in developing increased options and choices.

NLP coaching is:

  • Self-conducted– you are in control at every stage; you decide on the goals and progress you feel comfortable with.
  • Outcomes-based – working toward specific goals and objectives.
  • Normally a short-term activity.
  • Carried out on a one-to-one basis in complete confidence.
  • About using positive feedback to enhance and fine-tune your natural strengths.
  • A robust process leads to most people experiencing rapid results requiring just a few sessions.

About the sessions

In the first session, we will look at the areas you would like to focus on; we will formulate outcomes, set priorities, and plan how to get started.

Subsequent sessions are one hour long and normally conducted online over Zoom or Skype, whatever you are comfortable with. The interval between the coaching sessions can vary depending on your requirements; this will allow you some time to start taking action towards the outcomes we’ve set. It will also allow you to practice new skills and review your progress.

NLP practitioners believe that people have vast reserves of latent potential within each individual and that it is the practitioner’s task to draw it out.

So, how can NLP Coaching help me?

Using NLP coaching can help uncover and dissolve hidden barriers that keep you from achieving your desired goals. NLP is a model of how the mind works, and this information helps people make big significant changes in a fairly short amount of time.

As a result, It can help you change your thinking’s ingrained patterns, thus helping to change unresourceful behaviours.

Below are some areas where NLP Coaching can be of benefit:

  • Wanting to excel but feeling stuck – Increase or help with Motivation.
  • Boosting your Confidence and self–esteem.
  • Making Informed Choices – Stop Smoking.
  • Increase your Focus – Weight loss.
  • Eliminate Fear – Phobias.
  • Reduce Anxiety – Help in Achieving Goals.
  • Depression – Fear of Public Speaking.
  • Decrease Tension – Release Stress.
  • Discover your true potential – Become aligned with your Core Values.

Using NLP in your life

(NLP) is a collection of techniques and methods to help better understand how the language we use affects how we think and the outcomes we get! Can you remember when you did something so well and perfectly that it amazed you? On the other hand, were there ever times you did something so well and didn’t know how?

Discover your genius

Using NLP helps you grasp the process of your achievements and how to model them so that you can reuse them. It is a way to discover your genius and to unfold it, as well as that of others.

NLP is referred to as the study of excellence. It is the study of conscious and unconscious mechanisms that combine to cause individuals to do what they do. On a conscious level, the secret to success is always unknown. You can elicit these unknown components of information using NLP.

Using NLP every day

You may want to strengthen relationships, reduce fear, or become more competitive in the market. However, the crucial components for change are not found in the muscles but in your inner thoughts, such as sentencesimagesemotions, and even beliefs. Once you become aware of these unknown components, you can change them. Your mind is the incubator for all things good and bad.

Clarity of purpose and vision

Frequently, personal development tools and courses focus solely on how to set and achieve goals. NLP can help you become more aware of the subconscious patterns you convey in your language and your senses and change them when necessary.
NLP coaching teaches you to include them in creating your outcomes, become aware of the existing values that drive your behaviour and change them to a more energetic way of living.

Overcoming limiting beliefs

We all have many beliefs that benefit us, but we also have many beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals.
NLP teaches you how to reframe your present beliefs by giving new meaning to behaviours, life situations, and new beliefs you want.
It can drastically alter your perspective of the world and how you deal with life’s challenges.

Strengthen self-confidence

NLP allows you to access resources from your history while producing new resources for the present and future. This ability can boost your self-assurance in places when you need it the most.
It can also teach you to anchor them and “train” yourself to become instinctively proficient.

Develop new strategies

NLP will help you examine your existing way of thinking and hone your ability to think creatively.
This way of thinking entails examining how we unconsciously organise our ideas and our ability to divide a problem into fragments, and the capability of reframing challenges into positive situations.

Become more resilient to challenges

NLP can assist you in becoming more adaptable to change. NLP is a fantastic tool for gaining a new perspective and feeling about changes in your life. In addition, it can help you deal more effectively with people, situations, and, most crucially, your emotions.

Learn how to model other’s success

These are the strategies people employ to achieve success in business and life. Through a technique known as “modelling,” NLP can illustrate this to you.

Achieve greater success in negotiation and sales

Effective negotiating and sales tools are critical in a world packed with obstacles. NLP can help you improve your negotiating abilities by demonstrating how to integrate distinct elements for a more successful outcome while maintaining a higher positive purpose.

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