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Mindset Coaching using NLP

Mark Csabai – Mindset Coach

Every so often we find specific areas of our lives problematic or wish to change our perspective entirely. A commitment to online coaching allows you to achieve any desired change!

I have worked personally and professionally with people to achieve change in their lives for the past 20 years. Therefore, whether you want to change your career path, achieve individual results, or begin a new chapter in your life. Mindset coaching can help you.

NLP can help you become more aware of the subconscious patterns you convey in your language and your senses and change them when necessary.

A typical one-hour session is R450Book Here

What can NLP Mindset Coaching do for me?

The Use of NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, helps you understand how you think and feel. It also examines the language we use to represent our experiences in the world. NLP looks very closely at human interactions and achievement; this understanding helps you ‘model’ excellence in every aspect of your life to achieve your desired outcome.

Inner Conflict

Overcome Self-Sabotaging thoughts that prevent you from achieving your dreams. This kind of thinking or self-talk is usually the opposite of what you want to accomplish consciously in your life. Learn how to improve your inner self-talk and eliminate the resistance to your desired goals and outcomes, increasing your motivation to succeed.

Manage Emotions

All the resources you need to begin your remarkable journey of change are within you. Learn to quickly and effectively apply techniques that will empower you to choose a preferred emotional or mental state, and keep it for as long as you want, whenever you want. As a result, you will be able to maintain concentration, confidence, and inspiration for your life’s purpose.

Reframe for Success

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?” or, “Things never work out for me.”  These questions usually reflect how you perceive life’s situations around you. When you see life differently through another set of eyes, you experience life differently. Therefore, changing your perception of a situation will strengthen your self-belief and increase motivation.

Increase Confidence

Effectively boost your confidence when you need it. Confidence is the magnet to which others are drawn, which intrigues them. Maybe you have to do public speaking or give a presentation at work. Mindset coaching will undoubtedly help you strengthen your confidence. It’s all about your presence and how authentic you will facilitate rapport with them.

Reduce Anxiety

Learn some powerful and simple exercises to help you reduce anxiety and relax. You will be empowered to apply and practice relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, and visualization techniques. These simple exercises will help you dispel fear and anxiety and quickly rise above the circumstances and environment in peace.

Not Sure Which Way to Go Next?

Message me for more information

Feeling unsure about the next steps on your coaching journey? Don’t hesitate – send me a message for a free, no-obligation conversation. Let’s explore how mindset coaching can equip you and your business for massive change.

Book your NLP Session – R450

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This is a one-hour online NLP coaching session using Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp

NOTE: The session is only valid for 30 days from the date of purchase (there are no refunds)


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Cancellation and Confidentiality

Cancellation Policy:
Twenty-four hours notice is required if a session is canceled; otherwise, you will be liable for the total cost.
I treat all information disclosed to me as strictly confidential.


Payment by EFT Bank Transfer

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However, EFT (online) transactions are free!

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