Fulfilled Living – Your Choice

Fulfilled Living Your Creation

Fulfilled living is deeply rooted in our inner world. Are you happy where you are now, at this very moment? Do you dream of a higher life, a life with meaning and fulfilment?

To perpetuate a better tomorrow, to realize a better future lies in the understanding that your current situation is the direct result of all the decisions you have made right up to this minute. Thus, fulfilled living is based upon your everyday choices.

“From the same materials one builds palaces and another hovels; one rears a stately edifice, while his brother, vacillating and incompetent, lives forever amid ruins.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Life is a mere reflection of our inner world

Coaching experts worldwide agree that what we get out of life is what we are prepared to put into it. Our very existence is a mirror; it reflects the sum of all the faces we make. If we are determined to suffer, we will suffer. If we are determined to win, we will win.

By judging others, we can be sure that we are being judged. If our lives are spent finding fault in others, our personal world will be full of disappointments. If, however, we are forgiving, understanding and try to concentrate on the well-meaning of others, we will most certainly be inspired daily.

“Everyone is the offspring of his own works.” – Cervantes

Although convinced that they are free and able, many people seem to think that there is some fate waiting to throw them off their path at any given moment.

Fear of the unknown

This fear and anxiety that people experience is nothing more than the apprehension of the unknown. To effectively deal with this fear is to study further, education and continual self-growth and awareness. The more we know, the less likely we will give into these anxious fears of fate.

The more we learn, the more confidence we possess, coupled with a greater enthusiasm for daily life. Only people, who are determined to rise, will achieve success.

There is dew in one flower and not in another because one opens its cup and takes it in, while the other closes itself and the drop runs off.” – Beecher

Every person’s disposition, ignorance, prejudice, indifference, anger or vice, build a wall between themselves and anything that impart wisdom, greatness, goodness & guidance. Therefore, fulfilled living is about cultivating a non-judgemental attitude.

I read an article once explaining how some people are like bees collecting honey from flower to flower.  And others spend their day like a spider, carrying their poison to as many unlucky victims as they can find.

Same environment different outcomes

I always find it interesting how one brother finds happiness wherever he goes, while the other looks as though he has just come from a funeral.

What determines such different attitudes to life, when they grew up in the same home with the same mother and father; who benefited from the same school, community and environment? It can only be – CHOICE!

One chooses to focus on the negative, normally done out of spite, ignorance, fear and even laziness. The other can quickly choose a more constructive and positive path.

It comes naturally to him because he is confident in himself and seeks approval from no one. He is confident of his own abilities yet always open to improving himself. Thus, fulfilled living in the path of an enthusiastic and motivated person.

Life is truly what we make of it. It’s all about Choice. Which path are you going to choose?

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