Your Outer World Mirrors Your Inner World

Life Mirrors our inner life.

Mirrors of life are great for learning. I am sure that you’ve experienced a situation in your life where it doesn’t matter what you do. Do you seem to attract the same negative thing over and over again? Interestingly, our outer life mirrors the thoughts, beliefs and values we hold on the inside.

We eventually become frustrated and angry about life and the way we feel. Unfortunately, it’s easy to blame situations or others for our life problems in situations like these.

“People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.”

St Augustine Quotes
  • Our financial woes are due to the weakening economy.
  • Our relationship issues are because of other people.
  • Health issues are because by “bad genes”, weight gain, and smoking is due to metabolism and hormone changes and high-stress levels;

In reality, good or bad situations create our thoughts, beliefs, and concepts.

The world you live in directly reflects your “inner world”. Look around you; if your life is in a mess, everything around you will be in a mess. So chaos and disorder in your life result from what’s going on in your mind. The fascinating thing about mirrors is that they reflect the exact image, giving us a good idea of what we show outwardly in the mirror.

Most of what’s happening in and around our lives subconsciously manifests in our choices and decisions. But unfortunately, these choices are made below conscious awareness.

Acknowledge your state

To get out of the mess, you will first have to acknowledge that you are in a mess; you cannot change what you don’t accept. So, if you desire a peaceful life, you associate everything you do with peace. For you, that could mean Church, relaxation, meditation, nature or the practice of mindfulness, whatever gives you peace in your life.

If you are scattered in your thinking, look at the world around you. For example, what does your home or office look like? Is your office desk always in a mess, do you forget to return calls or run late for meetings, and is your car clean?  Do you feel like you are moving in different directions with no goal or achievement insight?

The majority of us, when completely honest with ourselves, know that there is a problem. Just take a look in the mirror. Once you’ve acknowledged the problem, the next step would be first to clean up the outside world. If the house is in a mess, clean it up. Begin to organise your life. Getting the outside sorted out will help you transition to the inside and help you get a little deeper into the issues that created the mess and chaos in the beginning.

You act in line with what you believe.

Remember what we discussed earlier concerning the “power” to “shape” our reality. We repeatedly attract the same negative situation due to the underlying beliefs, ideas, and concepts that we hold on to in our minds. You will never do, act or attract anything different to what you believe.

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