Why consider NLP Coaching?

Why Consider NLP Coaching?

To answer the question why NLP coaching? We must first understand that NLP techniques can give remarkably quick results in a short space of time.  NLP Coaching is for individuals who need to experience change in their lives and appreciate more success and achievement.

You may have some goals or objectives that you have dreamed of achieving and this is would be the ideal opportunity to begin making them a reality; there may be a specific issue which is influencing your life and you need to make a change; or you may not be sure as to what the next step is in your personal life.

How Does NLP Coaching work?

NLP Coaching employs self-awareness and effective communication to assist in the change of emotional and mental behaviour.

With NLP we look at your pattern of thinking as well as the language and strategies you use to run your life. This will help in developing increased options and choices.

NLP Coaching is:

  • Self conducted– you are in control at every stage; you decide on the goals and progress that you feel comfortable with.
  • Outcomes based – working toward specific goals and objectives.
  • Normally a short-term activity.
  • Carried out on a one to one basis in complete confidence.
  • About using positive feedback to enhance and fine tune your natural strengths.
  • A powerful process that leads to most people experiencing rapid results requiring just a few sessions.

About the sessions

In the first session we will look at the areas you would like to focus on, we will then formulate outcomes, set priorities and make a plan of how you will get started.

Subsequent sessions are normally one hour long and can be conducted ‘face to face’ or over Skype whatever you are comfortable with. The interval between the NLP coaching sessions can vary depending upon your requirements, this will allow you some time to start taking action towards the outcomes we’ve set. It will also allow you to practice new skills and then review your progress.

NLP practitioners work on the belief that people have vast reserves of potential which are latent within each individual and that it is the practitioners task to draw it out.