How to use adversity and trauma for motivation

Trauma – A Life’s journey

Trauma and adversity can be very debilitating, but there is always hope. Understandably, there are times when people feel hopeless.

Unfortunately, many find themselves in desperate situations and believe that they will never be able to recover. A person may have a problem from birth that sets up many barriers throughout their life.  Someone who has experienced trauma may also face obstacles.

The power of hope in trauma

Understandably, people feel hopeless in these situations since they are never comfortable. However, there are numerous examples of people who have overcome trauma and dire circumstances and thrived. Helen Keller is one such example.

Helen Keller

Due to complications of a disease, Helen Keller lost both her sight and hearing at 11 years old. However, due to the education she received from her live-in teacher, Anne Sullivan, Keller became an author and activist.

In addition, Keller established schools for blind and deaf children.

Nick Vujicic – Reborn

You may be familiar with Helen Keller, but have you ever heard of Nick Vujicic? Unlike other children, Nick was born without legs or arms.

He is now an inspirational speaker and evangelist. Various videos show him doing activities better than many who have all their limbs. Yet, despite his physical disabilities, he refuses to let that stop him from succeeding.

Superman – Christopher Reeve

You may remember Christopher Reeve, who starred as Superman in a series of movies in the 1990s. Following a horseback riding accident, he developed quadriplegia. However, he used his fame shortly after the incident to help other people experiencing similar circumstances.

Trauma – the challenge of feeling helpless 

Many individuals have triumphed despite their disabilities in countless other instances. Those who feel helpless can gain inspiration and motivation from it.

Regardless of their circumstances, all these individuals are examples of people who could have given up but refused to. Despite their difficult circumstances, they overcame them with dedicated work and determination. As a result, not only did they succeed, but they excelled.

Showing hope to others

It may be that you know someone who has experienced trauma or is going through a challenging time in their life. To help them, show them the inspiration of the individuals mentioned in this article.

These are icons of courage and determination which can inspire even those who do not face dire circumstances. Try to put yourself in these people’s shoes to gain some perspective if you face a problem.

Achieving success – A celebration of overcoming

By looking at your trauma or challenges from their perspective, you will be motivated to search for a solution. You are not taking advantage of their suffering. In contrast, you celebrate these individuals’ lives and their ability to overcome adversity.

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