How to Increase Your Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word (entheos) and means God within.  It is referring to a divine spark or fire that burns within the chest of those with a passion for a cause, job, or life in general. They say

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Affirmations to Live By

Affirmations to live by

Positive Affirmations to live by Affirmations are statements or commands spoken either negatively or positively, the most popular use of ‘spoken affirmations’ are positive. They are spoken willfully and deliberately in order to help in the changing of some aspect

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What is Frequency Following Response?

What is Frequency Following Response

Frequency Following Response and Your Brain Frequency following response (FFR) is the tendency for our mind and body to be affected and synchronized by an external source – such as sounds and rhythms. Frequency following response is a prime factor

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What are Brainwaves?

How do Brainwaves Affect our State? What are Brainwaves? There is nothing more fascinating than the human brain; I am always amazed at just how incredible this bio-computer really is. Did you know that 78% of your brain is water,

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What is Neuroplasticity?

What is Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity and Your Brain? So, what is neuroplasticity? Well in short, when you change your thinking and experience new things this can change the structure and function of your brain, this is a simple explanation of neuroplasticity. You’ve heard the

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