The Calming Breath

Breathing for Relaxation

Breath, breathing, thoughts and imagination have a great impact on how you are feeling. How do you feel right now at this moment, happy, sad, afraid, maybe you feel angry? Whatever you are feeling is a result of a neurological process within the brain that causes you to feel what you feel.

You may think the situation, the environment or the person has caused you to feel the way you feel, although true to a certain extent, it’s your brain that releases the chemicals into the body in response to your reaction to the situation.

A Pharmacy in Your Brain

Hence, if you’ve just won the jackpot, you will feel very excited, happy and jubilant about your winnings. The brain has been releasing loads of happy chemicals into your blood stream and so you ‘feel’ happy.

The opposite is true if you are anxious or fearful, the brain will release unhappy chemicals into your body and so you will feel sad and insecure.

This exchange of chemicals within your body can be controlled, once you understand that your mind and your body, although part of the same psycho-cybernetic system affect each other. Your brain is a natural pharmacy, releasing chemicals every second of every day into your bloodstream.

These chemicals, good or bad will affect heart rate, breathing pattern, digestive system, blood flow and many other systems within your body as well as your mood.

Gentle Breath & Feelings

So, how do you release ‘good’ chemicals into your body, so you can feel happy and joyful? As human beings we are not normally aware of our breathing, and so  we breathe erratically and without awareness.

So first take a moment to become aware of your breathing, now, take a gentle breath in and hold it for a second or two- great, now breathe out, do you ‘feel’ the shift within?

Now imagine how relaxed you will feel when you stop for a moment, breathe gently, and think of something that will make you smile.

Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds…, that’s it, now, on the out-breath say “aahhhhh”

Do you see how easy it is to create a more positive and up-beat mood? Next time you are feeling a little uptight or anxious, remember to do some gentle breathing and take control over the feeling. you may want to smile as you do this exercise, it puts a demand on the brains hypothalamus to dispense some cool and inexpensive uplifting medication.

About Mark Csabai

Mark Csabai is an NLP Life Coach in Bloemfontein, South Africa. He works with clients in and around the Free State to help them achieve more, manage stress, build self-worth, increase confidence, overcome fears and help maintain a better life-balance.