A Guide to Your Reality

Reality - The map is not the territory

Reality – The map is not the territory Reality is largely based upon your subjective perceptions. Presuppositions are essential parts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). There are approximately 14 fundamental common sense principles that form the foundation of NLP. A

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Boost Your Confidence Instantly

Boost Your Confidence

How Anchoring Can Help Boost Your Confidence Boost your confidence through anchoring. Anchoring is the process of associating an internal response to some environmental or mental stimulus. This allows the response to be re accessed consciously or covertly. When someone

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4 Keys To Achieve Any Outcome

4 Keys to Achieve any Outcome

Achieve Any Outcome You Want Here is a great Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) formula you can apply for success to both long-term and short-term goals. It’s a relatively simple process and can be applied to anything you want to achieve

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4 Stages of Learning Anything

4 stages of learning anything

The 4 Stages of learning a new skill The four stages of learning, is a process that you have gone through every time you’ve learned something new in your life. It was first described as “Four Stages of learning any

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How to Use an Anchor for Relaxation?


Create an Anchor for Relaxation Using NLP Because of the high level of stress in our society, most people find it difficult if not impossible to completely relax. Even when people are on holiday or taking time out with family

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Logical Levels – Your Road Map to Change

NLP Logical Levels - Mind in Motion

Logical Levels the way forward Not everyone enjoys change, for some it forces them to evaluate their life and to adjust their thoughts and behaviours to help keep on tract with achieving their dreams and goals. For others it upsets

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