Self Confidence through self-awareness MP3


Self Confidence through self-awareness

This fifteen-minute mindfulness recording will help to bring your awareness back to yourself.

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This MP3 will help bring awareness back to yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation – Self Confidence through self-awareness

Self-Confidence MP3 is 15 minutes of meditation

  • The mixed tracks will help you filter out all the chatter and inner dialogue to help create a calm state.
  • Your brain will slowly cycle down from the Beta state (outward focus and concentration) to an Alpha state (wakeful relaxation), allowing you to focus on your inner confidence and strength.

The recording consists of the following:

Time 13 minutes.43s (It contains the following mixed recordings)

  1. Voice track: relaxation, affirmations, anchoring, with an exit and an end
  2. Tone: 240 (Hz) for brainwave entrainment
  3. Noise: Pink noise at 1000 (Hz) with no entrainment
  4. Ambient Music: Ethereal sounds will change five times throughout the session, creating a dreamy atmosphere.
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