Overcome Trauma Mindfulness MP3


This mindfulness exercise is designed to help you overcome the harmful effects of trauma.

And to give you a stronger sense of self-agency and control over how you relate to your trauma.

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Overcome past trauma in your life.

Mindfulness Meditation – Cultivating a sense of Agency to help overcome trauma

With this 13 minute MP3, you can:

  • Use it daily to practice mindfulness
  • Experience a deeper sense of peace
  • Expand your conscious awareness
  • Feel more grounded and secure
  • Increased ability for overcoming effects of trauma
  • Rise above the daily drama
  • Increase self-agency
  • Be open to a new perspective
  • Reduce the stress of past or present trauma

No matter what kind of trauma you may have gone through, large or small.

One thing that has helped thousands of others who live with terrible trauma, is to be mindful of your own experiences of simply being able to make things happen.
With your own free will and sense of empowerment.
Building upon your agency one building block at a time.
Until there is nothing you feel you can’t handle with your embodies strength and kindness that is always inside of you.

The recording consists of the following:

Time 13 minutes.43s (It contains the following mixed recordings)

1. A small introduction to what a sense of agency is
2. Overlayed with some ambient music
3. A relaxation script embedded with a 21Hz ramping down to a 7Hz binaural sound
4. Then affirming your courage to overcome Trauma (past or present)
5. End mindfulness script

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