Increase your self-confidence Meditation MP3


This is a 30 minute guided meditation for Self-confidence

Recognizing your accomplishments can give you a boost of self-confidence.

Being mindful can help you excel in your personal and professional life as meditation teaches you to live more mindfully.

This rich and powerfully guided meditation Mp3 will help you strengthen your beliefs about yourself.

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Increase your self-confidence with this guided meditation

Guided Meditation Mp3 with over 30 powerful affirmations to increase Self-confidence

This is 30 minute MP3 will help you:

  • Become more relaxed during times of uncertainty
  • Set you up for deep inner reflection
  • Expand your conscious awareness
  • Feel more grounded and secure
  • Increased trust confidence in yourself
  • Have deeper respect for your abilities
  • Increase self-reliance
  • Build a solid foundation of accepting yourself

Self-confidence is key to a happy life.

Mediation, as well as guided meditation, is an excellent tool for relaxing.

However, it has a wide variety of purposes as well.

Mindfulness can help you build self-confidence if you practice it every day.

A happy, successful life depends on high levels of self-confidence.

In addition, self-confidence drives you to become more energetic and productive.

It leads to reaching and exceeding your goals.

Besides enhancing your health, it even improves your relationships and your self-worth.

The recording consists of the following:

Time 30 minutes  and contains the following beautiful mastered recordings

1. A guided relaxation section overlayed with beautiful nature sounds
2. Light hypnotic suggestions to help connect with your authentic self
3. Deeper hypnotic suggestions to help take charge of your life
4. Audio anchoring to increase the simplicity of entering a state of relaxation
5. Exit the audio meditation with calm affirmations of alertness and energy

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