Beginners Guide to Mindfulness eBook


The Beginners Guide to Mindfulness to improve your body, mind and spirit in times of chaos.

Mindfulness is a beneficial practice to help you navigate stressful or chaotic times. By practising mindfulness, you will be able to improve the body, mind, and spirit to grow and become more resilient.

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Mindfulness to improve your body, mind and spirit in times of chaos

This book will benefit everyone, whether you have never practised mindfulness before.

We have specifically created this book with the inexperienced user in mind, allowing it to be a beginner’s guide of sorts.

Even if you are a seasoned practitioner, this book will be helpful.

FIFTY-ONE PAGES of unique practice ideas, tips, and tricks will kick-start your practice or enhance your current one.

Are you ready to improve your body, mind, and spirit despite your chaotic circumstances? Take a look at this guide for expert tips, ideas, and techniques.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What is mindfulness;
  • As well as the purpose of practising it;
  • The benefits of mindfulness; 
  • When to practice being mindful;
  • The adverse effects of chaotic times and stress; 
  • How being aware and conscious helps relieve stress;
  • Benefits of practising mindfulness for the body; 
  • Guidance in practising how to be mindful of improving the body;
  • Learn to practice progressive muscle relaxation; 
  • In addition, learn how to do a body scan;
  • The fantastic benefits for the mind; 
  • In addition, learn how to improve the decision-making process;
  • Set a mindful morning routine; 
  • Benefits of practising mindfulness for the spirit;
  • Set up a mindfulness session to strengthen your spirit; 
  • Furthermore, Learn to create helpful affirmations;
  • Use it as a growth opportunity; 
  • In addition, learn How mindfulness increases resilience;
  • Why you should want to be resilient; 
  • What makes mindfulness different from meditation;
  • How to use meditation to become mindful; 
  • How to practice holistic mindfulness;

The perfect way to deal with chaotic times

Life is full of unforeseen changes, challenges, and chaotic times. It is easy to be swept away by the seemingly endless list of chores, tasks, and deadlines that seem to pile up.

Deadlines can cause you to feel rundown in your body, mind, and spirit.

In short, being mindful is the act of being in the present, but there is more to it than that. In this book, we will learn the essential techniques are for becoming more mindful in our lives.

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