Change Your Perspective

See life differently

Change Your Perspective – See Life Differently “Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars.” – Frederick Langbridge, ‘A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts’ What would you do if you came second

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Logical Levels – Your Road Map to Change

NLP Logical Levels - Mind in Motion

Logical Levels the way forward Not everyone enjoys change, for some it forces them to evaluate their life and to adjust their thoughts and behaviours to help keep on tract with achieving their dreams and goals. For others it upsets

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What Are Self Sabotaging Thoughts?

What are self sabotaging thoughts

Self Sabotaging Thoughts Act as a ‘Clear’ button Identifying self sabotaging thoughts in your life will help you answer many other nagging questions, questions like: why does it always happen to me? Why can I not make progress? Why do

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