Logical Levels – Your Road Map to Change

Logical Levels the way forward

Not everyone enjoys change; for some, it forces them to evaluate their lives and adjust their thoughts and behaviours to help keep on track with achieving their dreams and goals.

For others, it upsets their comfort zone and places too much emphasis on the effort to act and behave in a certain way.

While many people do not enjoy the prospect of change, change is the only constant in life. It is the cornerstone of growth and advancement. It validates life, creates purpose and meaning to mundane tasks and adds deeper motivation to our actions and behaviours.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. When change is understood and executed correctly, change can bring with it deeply gratifying experiences and exciting lessons to help us on our journey to greatness.

If you are one of those people who want to excel in life, achieve your goals and realize your dreams, then the NLP Logical Levels of change are compelling in helping you design an “Action Plan” for change.

Inspired by Gregory Bateson and developed by the pioneers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the “Logical Levels” give you a “Road Map” for the process of change, which has a beginning, middle and an outcome.

The Logical Levels of Change are:


Spirituality – Whom do I serve, and for what purpose?

Identity – Who am I, and do I reflect that in my lifestyle?

Values and Beliefs – Why do I make these changes?

Behaviours / Capabilities – What do I need to change? How do I make the change?

Environment – Where do I need to make these changes?

Basically, everything on Top runs everything beneath it. So, in essence, if there is a problem at a higher level, making a change at the lower level would not bring about change at all.

Let’s take a quick look at these Logical Levels of Change; we will begin at the bottom.

ENVIRONMENT: Where do I need to change?

This level encompasses the physical and emotional environment around you. Your work, community, your colleagues, family and living arrangements, as well as the tools and resources you have available. You can access this level by asking yourself, “How does my environment affect my goal?” “What are my resources and tools?”, “What obstacles do I face?”, “What kind of people do I like to have around me?”

BEHAVIOUR: What do I need to change?

This level refers to your actions and behaviours. Here you would ask yourself the following questions: “How do I react in a given situation?”, “How is my body language towards others?”, “What kind of attitudes do I exhibit to others?”, “What habits do I have?” “What is my current lifestyle?”

CAPABILITY: How do I make these changes?

This level reflects your skills, abilities, talents, knowledge and competencies. All of these will lead to specific actions and behaviours in your life. Ask yourself, “What skills and current knowledge do I possess?”, “What knowledge or training do I need but still have to learn?”

BELIEFS & VALUES: Why do I make these changes?

Your beliefs and values drive your behaviours. They play an enormous role in your motivation to act and will impact your outcomes. They define and direct your life. Some thought-provoking questions you could ask yourself at this level could be: “Why do I believe these things?”, “Why do I value this and that?”, “What do I believe is right & wrong?” “What beliefs will help me get better results?”

IDENTITY: Who am I and do I reflect that in the way I live?

Your identity is made up of your core beliefs and values; this gives you a sense of self. Introspective questions such as; “Who am I?”, “How do I see myself?”, “What do I stand for?”, “What is my vision for my life?”, “How is what I am experiencing and expression of who I am?” “How would others describe me?”

SPIRITUALITY OR CONNECTEDNESS:  Whom do I serve and for what purpose?

This is the highest Logical Level and reflects the “BIG PICTURE” of life. This is where we begin to question our purpose, ethics, mission and meaning of life. By asking the following questions, you will shed some light on the purpose of your life. “What is the meaning of my life?”, “What is my reason for being here?”, “What do I have to contribute to the world, to God to the Universe?”, “How would I like to be remembered when I am gone?”, “What would I like to leave behind?”, “What greater good do I believe in?”

You can see from the NLP Logical Levels of Change that it is a powerful tool that can identify areas that are causing problems and how to move on from them.

It is a helpful tool for personal change that will give you a framework for identifying why things happen the way they do, so go ahead and give it a try and experience the power of NLP Logical Levels of Change.

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