Live a life of courage and grow

Courage is a worthwhile pursuit

From the beginning of human history, we find examples of courage in many stories, myths, and ballads.

Resilient people have always been admired in society, especially when faced with adversity. Dr Martin Luther King, David and Goliath, and more: the list carries on and on.

People who face seemingly insurmountable odds head-on while standing tall have something inherently admirable about them.

Even though the examples of courage commonly cited involve dire circumstances and extreme consequences, they are in no way the only references we have.

Every day, we are challenged in many ways that require us to demonstrate small amounts of courage. Embracing the discomfort and stepping outside our comfort zones is what fosters personal growth.

We will explore how common the need for courage is here, regardless of how far along you are in your life. Living a courageous life is a worthwhile pursuit and a great way to avoid future regrets.

Where your fear is there is your task

Carl Jung

Courage vs fear

Your own life has already given you numerous examples of courage that you may not even be aware of. For example, if you think back to your first bike ride after you removed the training wheels or your first time learning to drive a car, you will remember the sheer terror you felt.

Remember when you walked down the hallway at high school for the first time. There may have been a feeling of fear and apprehension involved in these scenarios.

The most important thing to remember from these situations is the feeling of accomplishment and pride from facing your fears and succeeding.

These are just a few examples of brave acts almost every individual has witnessed. However, one less prominent aspect of your success is that your most significant growth has come from fear. Your most extraordinary growth will always come from fear; remember that and let it sink deep down into your heart.

Do you fear failure?

The fear of failure causes so many people to fall short of their true potential regardless of their pursuit. As human beings, our natural tendency is to seek comfort and security in what we know. You must overcome your fears of failure and live a courageous life if you want to rise above your competition and overcome your circumstances.

Are there any things in your life that could improve your situation, but you avoid them because you are scared of them?

An example might be asking the love of your life to spend forever with you. A second possibility is relocating to a foreign city and pursuing your dream job. Finally, perhaps you need to let go of a drug or substance you are dependent on to function during the day.

Fear is the beginning of courage

Every one of us is aware of SOMETHING that has to be accomplished. But, whatever the case may be, please think of that child on the bike for the first time.

Face any fear that impedes your growth head-on. Disregard the consequences of failure, and do not let your anxiety stop you from living your passion. Instead, do whatever it takes to pursue whatever you want in life.

courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway

John Wayne

In conclusion

Despite what you may think, you ARE brave. So let’s suppose you can awaken the dormant courage within you. As a result, you will live a far more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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