NLP Coaching sessions and costs

Mark Csabai is a certified NLP practitioner and life coach in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Styles and techniques used during the NLP consultation process can often yield rapid results to change specific areas of your life.

Consequently, many of the difficulties you are experiencing can be resolved in two to four sessions.

Time frames can also depend upon the pace you wish to set and areas you want to explore.

Furthermore, these points and other areas of interest can always be discussed during the initial ‘Explore and Connect’ Session.

Read my consulting Terms and Conditions.

NLP Coaching Costs

The rates below are general guidelines for your specific needs. Once we have had a chat, we will have a better idea of what time frame will be needed for further sessions. Flexibility to create or modify a package for you is always an option should your requirements change.

#1 Explore and Connect Session


one NLP session

In this initial session, we will discuss the specific challenges and outcomes you are hoping to achieve. It will include a detailed evaluation of your current state and particular discussions on how the change will occur.

#2 Implement, Assess and Reinforce


Two NLP sessions

During these two sessions, you will learn to apply specific NLP techniques and models to a particular challenge you are facing. You will also receive evaluation and assistance during the application of these techniques.

Information About NLP Sessions

Session Duration:
Sessions will last 45 -60 minutes.
Furthermore, the sessions will depend upon what was discussed during the initial ‘Explore and Connect’ Session or deemed necessary throughout the consultation process.
The costs involved are:
Explore and Connect (one session) is R380.00
Implement, Assess and Reinforce (two sessions) are R900.00
Cancellation Policy:
Twenty-four hours notice is required if a session is cancelled; otherwise, you will be liable for the session’s total cost.
I treat all information disclosed to me as strictly confidential.

Payment Method #1 EFT Bank Transfer

You may pay via EFT (Electronic Finance Transfer) using the Bank Details below.

Please note if you make a physical Cash Deposit via the bank or ATM, you will need to add R100 admin charges to the total amount. However, EFT (online) transactions are free.

Would you please email your Proof of Payment to

Bank Details:

Bank: FNB Cheque
Account Name: Mark L Csabai
Account Number:
Branch Code:

Payment Method #2 Payfast

You may make your payment using the Payfast Buttons below.

Explore and Connect Session R380.00

Our first consultation will be used to discuss specific challenges and outcomes you want to discuss.


Implement, Assess and Reinforce Session R900.00

Two sessions will enable you to apply specific techniques and methods for achieving your required outcomes.


Cancellation Policy:

Should you need to cancel a session, 24 hours notice is required. Otherwise, you will be liable for the total cost of the session. If possible, I will offer an alternative appointment that week. Should this not be possible, the total cost of the session is payable. Should a session be cancelled within 24 hours, the session’s fee will go towards the next appointment.

Corporate/Business Speaking Rate

Please get in touch with Mark to discuss a specific package suitable for your audience.

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