Believe Change is Possible

Feeling Stuck in Life? Believe Change is Possible

Believing you can change is the first step you can take in order to get yourself going again.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
–Maya Angelou

As a young minister I remember how frustrated I used to get whenever someone disagreed with me or saw things differently. I would become defensive and many times aggressive towards the person, this created a lot of stress inside.

Afterward I would beat myself up about the way I reacted. At times I became so discouraged about my behaviour, that I really believed I would never change. I did much in the way of avoiding people, just so I wouldn’t end up in an argument with them, it was terrible and I hated myself for it.

At that time I had a very good mentor/coach and he suggested that I learn all I could about improving my interpersonal skills with people. Don’t avoid people, he said, go out of your way to speak with them, deliberately and intentionally see things from their perspective, learn to read their body language, mirror their movements, and match their tone and pace of voice, this way you’ll soon slip into rapport with them.

As I did this, I began to see patterns of what was and wasn’t working. As a result of this repetitive practice, I started to see where change was needed and how I could really benefit from changing my attitude and communication model. Well needless to say, my communication with people improved tremendously and the need to always be right has completely disappeared along with the stress.

You see, we stop growing when we stop believing that change is possible. Change is the only constant in life. You can resist change as much as you like, but with or without your permission change will happen.

I know that you must be fed-up hearing the statement “Believe in yourself”, but the thing is, you are reading this article because you want to change yourself. You know, deep within your heart, that believing in yourself is important to achieve anything, and you want to be an achiever.

So what can you do to start believing that change is possible?

The first thing to do is change how you think. Think clearer, better and differently to the way you presently think. “You are what you think about”, and “As you think in your mind, so are you”.

Everything starts with you, your belief, your desire and your commitment to change. You were created for greatness, happiness and success. So, if you want to change your present situation, improve your health, heal your relationships, reduce stress and anxiety at work, and attract more wealth, you should start believing in your own power of belief and the ability to change.

Do this and anything is possible!

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