NLP Life Coaching for lasting change

NLP Life Coaching for Lasting Change

Mind In Motion provide NLP life coaching and assistance using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help people create the changes they want in life. Through the use of NLP you will be able to overcome the obstacles and limitations that prevent you from fulfilling you true potential.

When the mind is functioning in agreement with your core beliefs, a state of flow is achieved. This state lessens the ‘inner resistance’ experienced when trying to achieve a specific task, goal or outcome. Once you understand the Mind Body connection and how they interact with the environment, you are better equipped to take control of your life.

Have you ever decided to set a goal to achieve something; maybe lose weight, stop smoking, buy a new home or simply make your sales target for the month. But then you realise, like many other goals in the past, you have just drifted away from it, or maybe just given up in trying to achieve it?

The challenge is unless there is a congruence between what you want to achieve and your inner core beliefs, you will have a really tough time in accomplishing your dreams and goals.The reason for this is 95% – 97% of your life in controlled below conscious awareness, this means, your will to succeed is overcome by your underlying belief system, this creates resistance within that ultimately ends with fatigue and discouragement.

Achieve a Natural State of Flow

NLP Life coaching will help you uncover hidden incongruities and unresourceful beliefs. Once you become ‘aligned’ with what you want to achieve, and what you believe you can achieve, you will begin to lessen the resistance within, and thus move into a state of natural flow.

  1. Quickly and simply harness the power of CHANGE by changing the way you THINK. Deliberately choosing what to think, will impact the self-talk that goes on in your mind changing the way you see things in life
  2. Effortlessly access the part of you that is programmed for success. The simple yet powerful techniques you will learn, will help you ‘unlock’ your ability to achieve and accomplish tasks without all the inner resistance.
  3. The more you focus on going forward, the more you’ll be able to access your automatic success mechanism. You will be able to give your subconscious mind instructions of your intentions that it will follow implicitly.
  4. You will soon improve your focus and creativity, improve rapport with others, change bad habits and improve your overall health. It will become easier and easier to eliminate bad habits and replace them with more resourceful ones.

You will soon begin to realize that within you is an innate potential just waiting to burst forth. You will learn about managing your mind with NLP techniques that are fun and powerful, that will help you map out a great future.