A Typical NLP Session


What to Expect from an NLP Session

NLP Coaching Bloemfontein offers NLP Life Coaching. On arriving at your NLP session, I like first to help you feel comfortable and at ease. Normally we would spend about ten minutes gathering some information about the challenges you are experiencing. There may also be times we spend gathering some personal history; this may also be around ten minutes.

Once we have identified some unresourceful states and challenges you are experiencing, we will determine the desired outcome. You will then learn some NLP techniques, which we will progressively build upon. These NLP techniques, once learned, will help you make changes quite rapidly.

Depending on your situation, we may spend some time clearing any negative emotions and emotional blocks that may prevent you from achieving your desired outcome. We may spend a complete session neutralizing and clearing out negative emotions before we move on to achieving the desired outcome.

There is no one size fits all; you are a unique and special person, and each session is shaped according to your specific requirements. There may also be times that specific situations will allow for rapid change, and others may take a little longer to achieve. This is completely normal and should be viewed as opportunities for expansion and the acquisition of new coping skills.

NLP Session Characteristics

Unlike other therapy forms, what makes NLP is you will not have to divulge or discuss any painful secrets or behaviours. You only tell me what you feel comfortable with. Only a short period of time is spent discussing your challenges and formulating your desired outcomes. So you can expect to experience change within each NLP session. It would help if you are always comfortable and at ease during these sessions; they should not tire you. The majority of people would need one(1) to five(5) sixty-minute sessions.

Most importantly you will experience immediate change and shifts in your mind as well as in your body. The NLP sessions are also very cost effective.

Items We’ll Be Covering:

  • 4 Laws of The Mind: What they are, how they work in your life and how to use them to your advantage.
  • How Your Mind Works: The amazing truth about who’s in control of your life.
  • The Wheel of Life: How bumpy is your journey? See what areas of your life may need some extra help.
  • A Powerful NLP Technique: A surprisingly powerful technique for transcending circumstances anywhere, anytime.

“I look forward to meeting you and helping you truly become a better friend to yourself at so many different, healthy levels.” – Mark Csabai.

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