7 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

7 steps to achieve your dreams will help you achieve your aspirations and goals. I bet that within you are some great ideas and thoughts about a new project. Writing a book, for example, learning to play an instrument, starting your own business or just some great ideas you would love to get started.

Until you DO something about them, like take some ACTION, all they will ever remain is IDEAS and DREAMS.

I once read that the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyards because they are full of unsung songs, books that were never published, and poems never written.

You see, many people die never realising their dreams. So please don’t take your talents, ideas, dreams and creativity to the grave with you before you have lived them.

What excites you?

So, what is it that motivates and churns up excitement within and plunges you into the exciting world of creativity, opportunity and adventure in fulfilling your dreams and aspirations?

Here are 7 Steps to Achieve your Dreams that will put you on the right path to taking that first step in releasing those BRIGHT IDEAS and DREAMS and start making them a reality.

First and foremost, having some positive thinking in your mind will help you see things you thought were impossible.

THINKING BIG helps to put things into proper perspective as well, top achievers, inventors and highly successful people THINK BIG all the time!

Mark Csabai

Achieve your dreams – 7 Steps

OK, so here are my 7 Steps to Achieve your Dreams and release the GREATNESS hidden within;

SET GOALS: I suppose living without direction can be fun in the short term, but we are always in need of direction and purpose as human beings. Having a goal will give you a powerful sense of direction and a purpose for doing what you are doing.
Not having a goal makes it easy for us to follow others. We become manipulated into doing things we are told would be good for us.

Eventually, it all leads to frustration and unhappiness, and then we become angry at always being at the mercy of others. You’ll be much happier following your heart and beating your path in pursuing your dreams. Having a goal will also provide that much-needed motivation to accomplish it, and remembering every goal you achieve gives you that extra boost for the next one, taking you through to your primary purpose step by step.

TAKE ACTION: TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! All successful people share one thing in common; they are DOERS. They TAKE Action, massive action and get things done. Having this quality will supersede all other attributes you may have; it will also determine the size of your income and growth. Be a DOER; don’t wait for the perfect moment to ACT today! Always remember that IDEAS alone will not bring happiness, joy, or success.

BE COMMITTED: “The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge, but rather lack of will.” – Vince Lombardi

When you commit to your goal, you become the CAUSE and not the EFFECT of your life. Commitment will enable you to become FEARLESS in achieving your DREAM; you will soon be able to turn OBSTACLES into OPPORTUNITIES. Once you’ve committed yourself to the ACTION of achieving your DREAM, you won’t be asking yourself, “Can I do it…?” but rather “, I CAN do it!

BE PERSISTENT: A lack of persistence will always end in “Giving up” or “Giving up too soon” Learning the skill of perseverance will help you continually move forward in achieving your goals. Failure is part of life; uncomplicated successful people have failed. Yet, did they fail? Failure is when you fall and don’t GET UP again; successful people always GET UP and go on. Don’t quit just because something didn’t work out the way you thought it would; learn from it and then do it again and again. You will have a BREAKTHROUGH! NEVER GIVE UP!

BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN CREATE YOUR DESTINY: Believe that you are the creator of your tomorrow. Every thought, every idea and all the inner self-talk will manifest itself in your physical world. If you are focused on thoughts that are noble, positive, life-giving, strong, courageous, beautiful and full of hope, guess what? It will manifest great things in your world, and the opposite is true. If your thoughts are always negative, angry, unhappy and disempowering, you will experience discord, disharmony and chaos in your life. You have the POWER to mould your DESTINY by swapping negative thoughts for more positive, empowering thoughts.

KEEP YOUR HUMOUR: Humour is infectious; it affects not only you but everyone around you. A little humour, even about yourself, relaxes you and takes the stress and urgency out of situations. It’s healthy and adds some pleasant “happy hormones” to your system. I would also recommend a weekend of comedy by rewarding yourself with the gift of laughter by renting a comedy movie. You can never laugh enough, so do it today and do it as often as you can.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT: Focus on what you can do NOW. Thinking about what you could have done yesterday, the week before, or what you can change tomorrow will only cloud your focus today and harbour procrastination. The PRESENT is the ONLY time you can affect and change, so

Believing it is seeing it!

Well, that’s my 7 Steps to Achieve your Dreams; simple, yet they can be very effective in helping you become focused on what you want to achieve in your life. By the way, your subconscious cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy; it doesn’t know when you are faking laughter or if it’s real, but it will still release happy hormones into your body even if you fake laughing.

As the old saying goes, “laughter is the BEST medicine”! So laugh as much as possible, even if you fake it. Remember, your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not.

And always keep the image of the desired goal or dream on the screen of your imagination. Then, connect with that image every day, and live in the NOW as if you have already achieved your goal. What sounds you would hear? How would you feel now that you have fulfilled your goal?

By doing this, you communicate with the language of your subconscious mind. You align it with your conscious decision to achieve your dreams and goals.

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