20 Sure-fire Tips for Successful Living

Successful living with these amazing tips

Successful living is not as difficult as you may think. However, there are no guarantees that life will turn out the way you would like, but there are many things you can do to make your life a little easier and keep you focused and motivated about your goals and dreams.

Life isn’t always easy; no matter how motivated or enthusiastic we are, things will always happen to upset the proverbial apple cart.

It’s not what happens to us that makes us who we are; the way we respond to life’s events will ultimately lay bare our true character for all to see, as well as decide what we will attract in life.

It’s our inner life that determines whether we will live in happiness or sadness, whether we will succeed or fail, or whether we react in kindness or anger.

Below I have listed 20 sure-fire success tips to get you started on your achievement and success journey.

20 success tips

Tip 1: Be mindful of how you think.

Success and failure begin in your mind. Does the environment control your thinking? Or does your thinking control your environment?

Tip 2: Be careful of what you feed your brain.

What you watch, read and listen to will affect the way you think.

Whatever you are putting into your mind will affect your mood. Never feed the mind things you wouldn’t want to experience.

Tip 3: Eliminate negative thoughts.

Nothing will spiral out of control quicker than a mind that entertains negativity.

It is estimated that we have up to 40 000 thoughts a day, of which 4 out of 5 are in some way negative.

Learn to examine your thoughts and replace negative ones with empowering ones.

Tip 4: Think, talk and act positively.

Even if things seem impossible, keeping an upbeat mind and attitude will help you to be optimistic.

Acting positively and upbeat will increase the brain’s production of “feel-good” chemicals and reduce anxiety and depression.

Tip 5: Read at least two inspiring books this year.

They will help you maintain an attitude of courage, motivation and reliance when times get tough.

Tip 6: Write down at least five things you are thankful for.

Thankfulness maintains an attitude of gratefulness. Having an attitude of gratitude will help you rise above many of life’s issues.

Don’t focus on what you don’t have but rather on what you do have.

Tip 7: Be happy with what you have and not what you want.

This will strengthen contentment, reduce anxiety and increase your joy and thankfulness.

Tip 8: Learn to accept and love yourself for who you are.

This will help improve your self-image. Be authentic and live your own life.

Allowing others to impact what you think, what you do and how you act is very disempowering. Learn to say no, and be your own boss.

Tip 9: Always do your best to see the good in others.

This will help you trust more and improve your rapport with others.

When you begin to trust your inner-self, you will find it easier to accept and trust others.

Tip 10: Be an ambassador for love and peace.

Love and peace will always destroy hate and chaos.

You will attract that which you focus on; if you continually have a loving and caring attitude toward others, you will receive the same back.

Tip 11: Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

You will learn much more by listening.

Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. How you listen will have a major impact on every area of your life.

Learn to listen to what people are saying actively.

Tip 12: Smile and laugh more.

Smiling and laughing release healthy chemicals into the body that help relieve stress and promote good health.

Tip 13: Learn to meditate.

Even if only 10 minutes a day, meditation will promote mindfulness and self-awareness; it helps understand you on a deeper level.

It is accepted that practising meditation increases brainwave coherence, builds self-confidence, and increases overall health.

Tip 14: Be a doer, not just a talker.

Taking action will always get you closer to the desired result.

Doing nothing will always give you nothing. You need to take your thoughts and ideas and make them tangible.

An idea is of no use to anyone while it remains in your head. “An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox” ~ Lao Tzu.

Tip 15: Write your goals down.

Written goals create a commitment to the task. Written goals give you purpose and direction.

They motivate you to keep moving, keeping you enthusiastic about life and work.

It gives you a sense of purpose in your life and keeps you moving forward.

Tip 16: Visualize the result rather than the process.

Sometimes seeing the result of your goal will help with developing the process of achieving it.

Tip 17: Don’t complain.

It will always create a negative aura around you and will eventually bring forth negative consequences.

Tip 18: Study something new this year.

Your brain loves new and challenging projects; it’s the food for creative and new thinking.

Neuroscience has shown that studying something new creates new neural pathways in our brain, giving us more choices and increasing our ability to make more informed wiser decisions.

Tip 19: Be open-minded.

It allows you the opportunity to change how you think and how you view the world around you.

Tip 20: Give your best always.

Never settle for less than the best from yourself; this attitude will help you become a good steward of your talents and gifts.

Remember, successful living is an attitude. It is cultivated from the inside out. It permeates your talk, your walk and your actions towards life and other people.

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